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Cravings, law of opposites and balance

I had an interesting discussion with my friends about a law of opposites and how is it connected to our daily life. Have you thought how what you eat determines your health, your well-being and the quality of your life? About quantity and quality or a lot and a little? Have you thought about the

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Food, Diet, Lifestyle & Aging

How to be healthy and be able to maintain youth to live long active life? Question, that has been triggering studies involving many scientists all over the world. There have been many studies proving that a human life is not limited to 60-70-80 or 90 years. Generally all studies indicate that main triggers of the

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Weight Loss & Gender vs. Weight Loss & Individual

There are many weight loss programs and recipes that claim to help people to shed extra pounds.  However, many women are often discouraged indicating that these programs and diets have limited lasting effects nor some do not work at all. However, in family settings many women noticed that while they cannot shed desired pounds their

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Natural Skin Care Products

Not all skin care products are similar in nature as they declare. How to look for natural skin care products? There is a difference in natural skin care products and skin care products with natural ingredients. Natural skin care products consist of natural oils, fats, waxes, herbs and herbal extracts and might include milk, honey,

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Start Your Day with Lemon Water

You can start your day with one cup of warm water with juice from ½ lemon – Simple and Effective. pH Balance: Lemon is excellent alkalizing food. Alkaline body environment is important for health. Digestive Aid: Warm water stimulates digestion and intestinal movement. Lemon juice rich in vitamins and minerals helps to neutralize toxins and

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all-day Therapeutic Wellness Retreat – E... @ Czech Republic
Therapeutic Wellness Retreat – E... @ Czech Republic
Oct 1 – Oct 8 all-day
What is included: Therapeutic Spa Retreat includes total of 7 nights in hotel both in Prague and Spa town (double occupancy, single occupancy available upon request $$). Group transportation from and to Prague airport. Balneo-Therapeutic/Wellness

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