Biofeedback Overview

Biofeedback is a continuous process, whose objective is to facilitate the discovery and advancement in the knowledge of one’s own body and its physiological functions. Such physiological functions are often coupled with emotions and mental awareness, which by using the biofeedback process, can all be observed in real time. Having a thorough understanding of all such physiological activities creates a foundation for the improvement in areas of physical, emotional and mental health. An individual is empowered to first and foremost understand the state of their body and secondly, to set out goals for improvement of specific conditions including pain and stress relief.
One of the most interesting parts of biofeedback training is witnessing the connection between the mental and physical body.
Most biofeedback machines can measure body’s blood pressure, heart rate, skin temperature, galvanic skin response (sweating), muscle tension and brainwave function. Based on these readings, the practitioner can help you to learn what triggers your symptoms. This in turn allows you to change your habits and consequently improve your well-being.
In addition to biofeedback, we create customized plans combining biofeedback with holistic nutrition and physical activity plans that are carefully designed with consideration to a multitude of additional factors, such as specificity of the DNA, physiology, temperament, existing physical condition, activity level, age, and more.
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