About Us

Company Overview

Our company offers complex and fully integrated health and lifestyle services using a holistic approach, with a particular focus on Body-Mind path that puts all parts of our life into perspective. Living a life in a balance means different things to different people and holistic wellness is much more than getting enough exercise, proper nutrition or being regularly screened for health problems. We are committed to working with the “whole person”; in the sense of her/his own life style. Our plan of action is based upon a comprehensive holistic assessment of the client’s present state, which includes the physical, mental and emotional aspects of life. Physical activities, stress relief, positive mindset and proper nutritional intake all have positive influence on the human body and body’s energy flow as well as mental and physical vitality. Our services are provided in the form of consultations, packages, seminars, coaching, training and monitoring of clients’ progress. Private lifestyle and style guidance, classes, cooking instructions, grocery store tours are available upon request.

Please note that we do not diagnose, treat or cure diseases. For the diagnosis of any ailments please contact a licensed physician.

The Biosphere Team

Viera Povazan, RHN, CBS

Viera’s interest in holistic approach to life, health and well-being began over 20 years ago. She has studied human anatomy and physiology, various schools of thought related to health and well-being, natural healing therapies, body energy flow and blockages and developed a systematic approach to health through holistic physical and mental body connection. Viera became certified in a number of holistic disciplines and holds designations in Holistic Nutrition, Stress and Pain Management.

Viera provides consultations, supervision, coaching, training, seminars, presentations and workshops for individuals (one-on-one), families and groups at our offices as well as other locations (upon request).

You can send a personal email to Viera at vpovazan@thebiosphere.ca.

Customer Testimonials

“I came to Viera in effort to work on two major problems. First, I was feeling very tired and drowsy most of the time. Second, I was slightly overweight and never seemed to be able to lose the extra pounds despite regularly working out at the gym. Viera’s holistic approach fascinated me from day one as she began to break things down and explaining the correlations between food, diet, body’s digestive processes and lifestyle habits. I have never before been presented with the whole picture like that. Viera worked with me over a course of several weeks, performing extensive initial nutritional assessment, creating detailed personal nutritional plan, including specific meal plan, and monitoring my progress throughout that period. It was initially very hard to make the dietary changes, but with Viera’s encouragement, I was able to stick with it and significant improvements came soon after. I can comfortably say that anyone looking for health improvements and willing to put in the effort to make a change will benetit from her services.”

– Anna (Waterloo, ON)                              

“I approached Biosphere out of interest to lose some weight. Following an assessment, they designed a custom 4-week detox program for me, which I just recently completed. Not only did I lose some weight, but I also feel that I have a lot more energy. I give them two thumbs up !”

– Mario (Hamilton, ON)                              

“More than a year and a half ago, I started to rapidly lose weight without any apparent reason and also begun to have other weird symptoms, like red areas on the face, ear infections, feeling nauseous, shortness of breath and overall weakness. I’ve never been a heavy person, but I lost about 20 lbs in a matter of few months. The colonoscopy did not show much and the gastro-endoscopy showed only a mild inflammation of the stomach, but I felt incredibly miserable and I knew that my health was quickly declining. I started panicking, thinking that I won’t be alive for much longer and gave myself only about 15 – 20% chance of survival. Luckily, about 14 months ago my wife suggested that I go visit Viera. Since then, my life changed for the better. Viera was able to show me that the main source of my deteriorating physical condition was a build-up of years of extensive stress, causing my digestive system to malfunction and not process food properly. She created a specific nutritional plan for me to follow, encouraged me to change my eating and lifestyle habits and provided me with a lot of information. I started to eat healthy, take supplements, as well as follow many other beneficial routines, which have all led to significant improvement of my condition and I have much more confidence in my body and my health. Although the daily stress is still present in my life today, Viera taught me how to properly manage this stress, which I consider essential. I can definitely say that for anybody who would be in a difficult health situation, a meeting with someone like Viera would be a life-changing, even a life-saving experience.”

– Dan (Toronto, ON)