Fatigue or Where Did My Energy Go?

Fatigue is defined as a feeling of tiredness, physical weariness, feeling of heaviness in the limbs, lack of initiative, poor attention span and/or feeling of mental dullness. Although most of us don’t know or realize it, there is actually a multitude of factors causing fatigue, spanning far beyond the commonly perceived notion of simply inadequate or insufficient sleep.

The myriad of causes that are responsible for this condition include: viruses, parasites, allergies, poor digestion and nutritional deficiencies, chronic diarrhea and nutrient loss (e.g. in the case of individuals suffering from Celiac disease), poor excretion (sluggish liver, constipation and increased toxicity from the colon), anemia, hypoglycemia, chronic pain, stress, environmental toxicity, prolonged exposure to noise or electro-magnetic fields, sleep disorders and sleep apnea, structural misalignment (poor posture), illnesses such as diabetes, obesity, arthritis, thyroid disorders, cancer, as well as immune-suppressing treatments.

Even more specific causes of fatigue and chronic fatigue might include: yeast/mold infections, gut dysbiosis or bacterial imbalance (i.e. excess Candida Albicans), acute viral infections (colds, flus, hepatitis, mono), chronic viral infections, parasitic infections (amoebas, worms), bacterial infections (staphylococcus, streptococcus), hormonal deficiencies (menopause, thyroidism, low adrenal function due to persistent stress and sugar abuse, pituitary dysfunction), heavy metals toxicity (from environment, food, cosmetic products), metabolic diseases, substance abuse (including coffee, alcohol, sugar and drugs), psychological problems (depression, anxiety, boredom, chronic unhappiness), as well as many others.

Often there are questions to ask such as: What is my purpose in life? Am I leading my life or do I allow other factors or other people to lead it for me? Am I really doing what I’m meant to be doing? Do I have joy in my life? Am I giving my body the nutrients and exercise it needs to function in harmony? Is my digestion and assimilation working properly? These questions become guidelines for exploring the inner self and might help single out specific reasons why fatigue (or other ailments) may be present and consequently might help figure out ways to deal with fatigue in order to get back to leading a more energetic and happy life. We are not meant to suffer, we just need to find the causes of our ailments and address them properly in order to live life to the fullest.