Cravings, law of opposites and balance

I had an interesting discussion with my friends about a law of opposites and how is it connected to our daily life. Have you thought how what you eat determines your health, your well-being and the quality of your life? About quantity and quality or a lot and a little? Have you thought about the law of opposites? Let’s say, you had a pizza with coke. How did you feel? More likely good. Diet high in salt forces one to eat food high in sugar and vice versa. I often hear people to say: “I’m not sick but I feel somehow off balance” A feeling that is vague but describes what majority of us experience. In order to understand this we need to remind to ourselves the basics. Day alternates with night, sun with rain, heat with cold, joy with sadness, noise with stillness, ……. According to the natural law everything moves as a pendulum between the opposites from one extreme to another without one or the other being better or worse. In chinese philosophy these opposites were categorized into two groups: “yin” and “yang”. For some this might be a little confusing, however when we look at life, we can see how everything comes through various stages of development from buildup and breakdown, expansion and contraction. These opposite characteristics are also recognizable in food. Food can heat or cool, acidify or alkalize …. and our body always responds. When “off balace” a feeling that we recognize as a cravings comes giving us signal that we need to deal with an extreme condition and we do one way or the other. It is important to listen to body to keep the balance. When in balance, we do not feel awkward or off, we just simply feel right.