Being Healthy Means To Be Balanced

To get into better shape we need to be  motivated and energized. I do not mind to share some of the ‘recipes’  on how to:
- We always need to keep in mind that each of us is different by genetic construction with individual food sensitivities, metabolic rate, life style, etc.
Based on this facts, our diet can be different and vary from time to time.

- In our body are constantly running biochemical processes with goal to maintain homeostasis of our body and mind.
- Not only what to eat, but how to eat seems to have certain importance.
- There are three macronutrients (energy nutrients): carbohydrates, fat and proteins and three micronutrients: vitamins, minerals and water that need to be supplied in proper rate into the body and kept in balance.
- Try to avoid consuming of the following stimulants (not nutrients):
Coffee, tea, milk chocolate, white sugar, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, salt and Tabaco
- If the goal is weight loss, separation of carbs and proteins perhaps can be helpful speeding up digestion and make it more efficient. The animal protein is heavier and it takes longer time to digest compare to vegetable protein. Proper food combination produces less toxins giving more opportunities for body to absorb nutrients, improve cell waste and better maintain homeostasis.
- Moderate consumption of the fresh fruits one hour before the main meal seems to be good option.
- Do not eat in the late evening hours
- Read a book before you get a sleep
- Keep good regular sex life
- Do not sleep in near to electrical equipment and electronic devices that are turned ‘ON’
- Exercise at least one hour, three times per week (keep emphasis to endurance and flexibility)
- Exercise your mental and motoric skills
- Avoid stereotypical life style
- Reduce stress
- Detoxify your body and mind
- Keep positive thinking
- Keep in mind: being healthy, means to be balanced