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Stress – Friend or Enemy ?

Physiological and/or biological stress is an organism’s response to a stressful event during which the body’s sympathetic nervous system is engaged resulting in fight-or-flight response. Much like in the rest of nature, most biochemical processes of the human body are designed to converge towards and maintain a steady state called homeostasis, often simply referred to

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Beet Root Salad

This meal is very nutritious, simple and requires very minimal and brief preparation time. Ingredients:   Preparation: Steam beet roots for approximately 20 minutes until soft. Cool down, peel and cut to cubes. Mix with umeboshi vinegar, olive oil and chopped cilantro leaves. Payday Loans Valparaiso In Bon apetit ! Tweet

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Who Is In For a Makeover

MAKEOVER – MAKEOVER – MAKEOVER Hello Everyone! online payday loans with payment plans Are YOU TIRED of BEING TIRED? Would you like to BECOME a completely NEW PERSON? If yes, you are ready for a MAKEOVER! We are starting our new MAKEOVER program starting in September 20, 2013!   For more information about the program,

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